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I went to this store with a friend looking for a bathing suit. As i was browsing the clothes racks, a sales associate informed me of the store policy disallowing beverages, which i proceeded to comply with. My drink was taken and i continued to shop. Upon leaving the store i received a very rude response from the older employee who initially informed me of the policy when i asked which drink was mine. Perhaps she was simply hard of hearing but as I stood in front of her saying excuse me twice to get her attention she did not acknowledge me until she was finished goggling at the small child in the room. When i asked her which drink was mine, she forwardly responded that she didnt put it there and could not know. I simply asked her to get the more friendly attendant who did.

Finally after leaving the store, my friend leaves 2 mins after I do, her drink in hand the ENTIRE visit, and it was not even mentioned to her that there was a policy, even when she was at the register.

I was one of the few non-white people on the island, but i did not expect to be received with such closed minded attitudes.

whatever mimi's has to sell you could probably buy it from somewhere else.

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Aliso Viejo, California, United States #1245521

Mimis Cafe sells swimsuits? Wow, all this time I have gone there for their food!!! I didn't know they sold clothing as well!!!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1245510

Why do blacks always think they were treated a certain way because of their race? They should go back home. You were not mistreated or discriminated against because you had to wait your turn.

to Anonymous Detroit, Michigan, United States #1245524

It's a result of having low self-esteem. It's the result of refusing to take responsibility because the person is emotionally stunted in growth.

It's a result of poor parenting and a poor upbringing. It's a form of self-hatred that is projected onto others.


I love stone harbor i use to go there all the time with the family! honelstly can get treated like *** anywhere even the dollar store. people should just be nice do you job and leave..treating people like that can destroy a business. I love mimis but if i got treated that way i wouldnt want to spend my money there!


Maybe if tourists didn't come down to our towns and demand to be serviced and treat the local workers like their only purpose in life is to serve them then people wouldn't be so rude to you. The local workers usually have two and three jobs in the summer just to make ends meet because we only have a couple of months to make a whole years income,. If your are on a vacation and get to go the the beach in the summer then you're lucky and should be nicer and happy to be on vacation not miserable and complain about everything.

to Local Naples, Florida, United States #601015

I live in southwest Florida and the snow birds and foreigners do that to us too. We are the lowly slaves who's lives mean nothing without the privilege of catering to the royal pains in the arses.


Unfortunately, there are snobs and rude people everywhere. We can only hope that they get back what they give out. :)


I doubt it was discrimination as well. The people in that store are rude to EVERYONE.

I have been vacationing in Stone Harbor for 20+ years and I have had several situations where the people were rude. One time, I was accused of stealing a sweatshirt that was hanging over my arm. They didn't even carry anything like it in the store.

Another time I asked to try on a dress and the woman said to me, "I think that dress would look good on someone taller." It's a shame more people don't stop shopping there. I have.


While I'm sorry you had a lousy experience, it doesn't really sound like racial discrimination. First, you mention there were other cups there, which clearly shows you weren't the only person asked to leave yours.

You also mention two employees. In a lot of situations, some employees are just stricter about rules than others. It may have just been your bad luck that one saw you and they didn't notice your friend.

I wouldn't make excuses for them if it sounded like you were being completely singled out, but I don't get that impression and I think it's better to be cautious when accusing people and companies of being guilty of discrimination (of any kind). I hope you at least found what you were looking for (and somewhere else, so you didn't end up giving them your cash after the lousy customer service experience).

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